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Kaleidoscope Nutrition was started with a passion for health and wellness, most specifically around dealing with chronic pain or inflammation conditions. With the vast expanse of both true and false information that in some cases can do more harm that good, my goal is to dispel myths and provide proven information and advise.


Paula Tuffs

Having grown up with Fibromyalgia looming over her since childhood, Paula has developed a passion for figuring out both the clinical and natural medicine pathways available to someone struggling with this disease. Being a patient herself has led her to see that one of the key areas that was historically lacking was access and knowledge behind lifestyle management, be it physical fitness or diet and nutrition. This led to obtaining a post graduate diploma in homeopathy from the Alternative Medicine College of Canada, followed by completing the Nutritional Consulting diploma program through Alive Academy, earning the designation of Certified Nutritional Counsellor (CNC). With an ongoing passion for learning, and frustration with the amount of false information online, Kaleidoscope Nutrition came into being to be a platform offering up the good, bad and ugly truths about what advise is out there, and to clarify what parts of that advise should and should not be taken.

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